Eric was born in the small quiet town of Miami, Florida to a calm and reserved Cuban family. A first generation American, Eric found great joy in the arts and A-M-E-R-I-C-A, where the streets are, apparently, paved in gold. Eric began his career in fine arts, painting and drawing with the hopes of being an “animator for Disney, a lawyer and the President of the United states” (according to his “Memories of School Days” album). After finally taking an animation course and realizing that he would go insane inking in someone else’s drawings for years and years, Eric decided to leave painting in his hobbies and special skills section.

Eric attended a production of Lil’ Abner during the spring of his Sophomore year of high school. During the production something happened within him. His toes started tapping, he bounced in his seat and left the theatre humming the score. What was happening to him? Why did he suddenly feel inspiration in the wee hours of this schoolday? Two words…Musical Theatre! Eric couldn’t stop thinking about this “new thing called theatre” (or theater) all summer! In the fall, Eric auditioned for FAME: the straight play. He was cast in the pivotal role of… Michael the waiter. He was bitten by the acting bug and continued an illustrious career in high school dramatics.

Eric went on to the University of Central Florida; after four long years he received his Bachelor in Fine Arts. Literally, hours after walking in the graduation ceremony he was off for his first professional job. Eric moved to New York City in the spring of 2005 and has never regretted a moment since. He has worked with some of the most talented people on earth and continues to learn from each new cast.

Eric looks forward to working at YOUR* theatre, really soon!

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