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Cleansing starts from the house: Hunt for the house cleaning products

Hygiene and cleansing are a must and specially with the increasing amount of pollution, one is bound to start the whole process from their own houses. The whole process of cleansing a house kicks off from the hunt of proper house cleaning products.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner – Earlier it was sweeping but now it’s all machine and a vacuum cleaner is the first thing anyone thinks of when it comes to house cleaning products.

Certainly, we should have some pointers in our mind before we buy a vacuum cleaner.

#How much is your budget?

# How big is your cleaning space?

#How much space do you have to store the cleaner?

#How much noise can you tolerate?

  • Mop or Mopping Cloth –A good mop or a mopping cloth with certain features like good grip and nice spin and rinse material along with it is a plus to your “house cleaning product kit. Also, the quality of the mop should be fairly long lasting at least.
  • Liquid Disinfectant – A nice scented liquid disinfectant is a must when one cleanses the house as it is a vital factor, rather a necessity that a house not only should look clean it should smell fresh too.
  • Spray Bottles and Cloth– A kit is never complete without a spray bottle and a cloth as every now and then there will be spilled water, dusty shelves and smudged glasses so a regular cleanse for them is easier when you have a spray bottle and a cloth.
  • Toilet Brushes and Toilet Disinfectants – A mandate in every house for sure. And it’s a must too cause a house is said to be clean when the kitchen and toilets are clean.

Lastly some personal advicesare to use old toothbrushes for places or corners which are difficult to reach. And go for old, torn but good quality clothes for glasses and dusting.

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