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Finger Monkey – The smallest primates

Finger Monkey also referred or called as Pocket Money. It is the tiniest amongst the monkey species and considered as the smallest primates in the entire world. Its scientific name is referred to as Pygmy Marmoset and they are mainly found in exotic places like evergreen forests of Colombia, and some other places. They live in places where there is no shortage of food for them and they can enjoy their life in the forests where they can jump from one place to another.

Finger Monkeys

Finger Monkeys have a lifespan of 11-12 years on average when they live in their natural habitat in the forest. Most people assume that animals or tiny creatures like them can live their best life in the jungle as it will be better for the animals.

But, the scientific facts and research tells us that they tend to have longer lifespan when they live in zoos and household.

When they live in forest most of them die because of falling from trees since they live in tree holes or near food resources. Another major reason for their low survival chance is there are many predators in the jungle which can easily attack these animals. That’s why they are in household and zoos and they can live 18.6 years of their lives if taken care properly.

Finger Monkeys

When these tiny creatures are born they only possess a height of 5-6 inches which includes their tail too and their average weight is 15g only.

When they reach their adulthood their height increases about 13-14 inches, as their whole body does not possess that height, most of it is taken by their tail and their weight increase up to 100g.

Finger Monkey is not very productive and social. Their food mainly consists of gum and saps.

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