Eric Ulloa

What is the web service – is a web tool service that allows you a way to see and download photos and videos from a private Instagram account. The process is based online, which is why you will not have to download it on your phone or computer/laptop.

This service is useful for those people who wish to check out the content of a private profile, without actually becoming a follower of that account. Sometimes, you might also want to download the content that you see in these private profiles – which is possible through this site as well. However, this site can be ideal for a stalker, because not only will it help him to keep a close watch on all that you post, but will also allow him to download your content and keep.
Before you freak out, let me point out that using this site can be a boon for a stalker, yes, but you could also end up using it to your advantage. How, did you ask? Well, you can use the insights that you get from these sights to make your account more protected.

Seeing the engagement on a post helps you to understand the reach of your content. When you consider that, you begin to look into the engagement of your content – comments, likes, number of people who have viewed the photo or video. Although the whole process is hidden, taking in your accounts statistics helps you to see the number of followers you have gained and lost. When you combine all the information at hand, you can easily spot spam accounts as well as a stalker on your account and start off taking additional protection measures to ensure that he/she is unable to use your content or see it and misuse it.

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