Eric Ulloa

Who Wrote Citáty o lásce Better?

Citáty o lásce or quotes about love is a library on its own. But the origin or the hands it came from are pretty legendary if we go back to those times. And now if we go back, we think and thank them for the inspirational write-ups. Quotes about love can take many forms sad, happy and some may be enlightening. Citáty writers are legendary and some of them are:

  • Oscar Wilde – He was a novelist, playwright, poet and essayist. Born in Dublin, Ireland. He was very controversial for the English Victorian Conservative Society in his work. Even had to serve jail time for 2 years.  He was best known for How it is important to have Philip, the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray and the story The Ghost of Canterville.
  • William Shakespeare – Probably the most famous of the lot. Considered as the greatest playwriter of all time. He was mainly into theatre plays, sonnets and has given his whole life to it. He dedicated his life to comedies, tragedies, tragicomedy, historical plays and fairy tales. His most talked works are, Romeo and Juliet, The taming of the shrew, Hamlet, Othello, King Lear etc.
  • George Sand – Just like Oscar Wilde, she also had a controversial life. Her writing was never accepted by the society then. She wrote some love novels and those were kept in the Catholic Church’s Index librorum prohibitorum.
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – He was a top-notch writer who was also a botanist, geologist and builder. He had a fascination with colours which he wrote and called it the theory of color. Among his masterpieces are the dramas Faust, Iphigenia on Taurida and Torquato Tasso, and the novels The Suffering of Young Werther, William Meister’s apprenticeship and William Meister’s journeyman years.

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